[Ziaja]Goat Milk Moisturizing Day Cream 50ml

Goat Milk Moisturizing Day Cream 50ml

It contains the nutrition of goat milk to restore the skin's natural strength.
The rich moisturizing ingredients of goat milk create a protective film filled with moisture and nutrients to quickly absorb into dry skin to care for sensitive skin, and to help strengthen the skin barrier to help maintain a firm and moist skin texture.

-Powerful nutrition supply
-Moisture glow that lasts by filling it up to the inside
-Helps to form a protective layer on the skin

* Goat milk extract: Helps improve skin texture by forming a moisture and nutrient barrier
* Provitamin B5: Helps to improve moisturizing function
* Retinyl Palmitate: Highly effective in improving skin elasticity

[Recommended for these people.]
-Dry and loose skin
-Skin with a rough skin texture
-Damaged and sensitive skin
-Dull skin without vitality

[How to use]
After cleansing, cover with an appropriate amount of cream and spread it all over your face.
If you wrap your face with the heat of your palm, it will be absorbed deeper.