[ZESPA] Full Body Massager Vibration Wireless Cool Head Massage Gun +8 Types Of Interchangeable Heads

ZESPA full body massager
vibration wireless cool head massage gun ZP2660

- Wireless rechargeable, takes about 5 hours when fully charged.
- Up to 3 hours of continuous use
- Simple operation method (display of battery level)
Speed ​​and timer display (1 to 20 numbers displayed)
800g light grip
After strenuous exercise, I calm the heat that I feel in my body.
Zero fatigue, zero muscle mass
- Metal cool head-Made to experience vibration massage and cold compress effect at the same time.
Put it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, then connect it to a massage gun to use.
It effectively relieves muscle mass and helps to recover from fatigue.
- A different level of power
You can get a more detailed massage by adjusting the speed up to 20 steps according to the user's condition.
- For my precious body and muscles
The amplitude of 10mm massages deep into the muscles, and relieves tight muscles and fatigue more effectively.
- 8 types of interchangeable massage heads for muscles with different shapes for each part, enabling customized massage for each muscle part.

[How to use]
After charging the massage gun sufficiently, set the power switch at the bottom of the massage gun to ON.
When you press the power button on the display, the massage starts at the first stage of the massage speed.
You can adjust the massage speed by pressing the (+/-) button.
When replacing the massage head, be sure to replace the massage head with the power turned off.

Push the head all the way in to connect it and pull it out when removing it.
Massage by adjusting the desired massage speed according to the area to be used.
The massage ends after 20 minutes.
After using the product, be sure to turn off the power by pressing the power button
and place the power switch at the bottom of the product to OFF.
- Battery type : Li-ion 14.8Vd.c,2400mAh
- Power consumption : 16.8w
- Operating time : 20 minutes
- RPM : 1200-2500RPM