[ZESPA]Angle Control Grip Vibrating Cordless Massage Gun, Self Neck Shoulder Massager ZP2885

Angle Control Grip Vibrating Cordless Massage Gun,
Self Neck Shoulder Massager ZP2885

-Ergonomic angle adjustment
Massage gun with 90 degree angle adjustment, 5-step angle adjustment allows free massage to the back and back difficult to reach
It is designed to be held in your hand in a variety of ways, sometimes with one hand, and sometimes with both hands to cool off the lumped muscles.
-10mm amplitude deep muscle massage
It massages deep into the muscles.
Cool off the muscles that have accumulated fatigue.
-4 levels of intensity adjustment
High-performance BLDC motor with adjustable intensity for more detailed massage.
Step 1: 1800RPM
Stage 2: 2000RPM
Step 3: 2100RPM
Step 4: 2300RPM
-Up to 2300 revolutions per minute
-6 point heads
-15 minute smart timer

[How to use]
-Insert the battery into the battery charger and charge it sufficiently.
After charging, insert the battery into the massage gun body.
Charging time takes about 2 hours, and can be used up to 5 hours after charging.
* Charging is possible only when the battery is plugged into the battery charger, so it cannot be used while charging.
-Press the power button to enter the standby mode, and you can check the remaining battery level.
-When the speed button is pressed while the power is turned on, the operation starts in one speed step.
-If you press the speed control button shortly, the speed can be adjusted in steps 1 to 4.
-When the power is on, press the power button again to turn off the power.
* If you press the power button shortly at any stage, the power is turned off.
Rated voltage:100~220v~,50/60Hz,0.5A
Rated output: 12.6Vdc, 1.4A
Battery Type: Li-ion 11.1Vd.c,2000mAh
Power consumption: 17.64w
Operating time: 15 minutes
Charging time: about 2 hours
Use time after charging: about 5 hours