[ZESPA] Holding Me Wrist Low Frequency EMS Hand Massager ZP2240

Holding Me Wrist Low Frequency EMS Hand Massager ZP2240
Healthy stimulation in the hand
-Ergonomic design
When gripped by hand, it was designed to maintain a straight line from the palm to the arm without the burden of the wrist, and thus, the wrist could continue to maintain a comfortable state.
-15 levels of intensity control
Intensity can be set from 1 to 15 steps by using the +/- button.
- 5 automatic programs
Basic massage movements such as tapping, rubbing, kneading, and acupressure,
which are basically performed when receiving a massage,
are implemented at low frequency and are integrated into 5 automatic programs.
- Intuitive interface
Anyone can easily and conveniently operate it with 4 buttons,
and the current setting and remaining time can be checked through the display.
In addition, it is designed to be able to check the operation status by changing the blue LEDs on both handles.
- Rechargeable wireless type
USB Micro 5 pin terminal is adopted so that it can be easily and conveniently charged
and used on all devices that have a USB port such as a deck stop, notebook, auxiliary battery, etc.
- Easy portability

[How to use]
- When you press the power button, a beep sounds once and the remaining time is displayed on the display, and the massage starts in the basic state.
(Default: Healing Mode, Intensity 1, Operation Time 15 minutes)

* If both hands do not touch both handles, the blue LED indicator flashes,
and if the blinking continues for 30 seconds, it automatically shuts down with 3 beeps.
- Select the desired mode by pressing the mode button (M).
(5 automatic programs can be selected) When the mode button is first pressed,
the currently set mode is displayed on the display, and pressing the button again changes to the next mode.
- Use the intensity setting button (+/-) to select the desired intensity.
(Intensity can be selected from 1 to 15 levels)
Battery type: Li-ion battery, 3.7v, 350mAh
Battery charging time: about 2 hours
Operating time: about 15 minutes