[ZESPA] Air Protector Wireless Pneumatic Knee Massager ZP1955


Jespa pneumatic knee massager ZP1955

Wireless knee massager 

Tightly with air pressure, warm with heat~

Wireless rechargeable (up to 90 minutes of use when charged for 4 hours)
Air pressure massage (weak/medium/strong)
Massage effect with 19 magnetics
Heat function (weak/medium/strong)
3 modes of vibration massage

Heat, vibration, and air pressure for poultice and acupressure at once!

Far-infrared heat poultice function
The far-infrared heat poultice that warms the knee while receiving a massage cleanly relieves tight muscles
and remaining fatigue, and increases the massage effect.

Pneumatic massage

The air cell inside and the air cell in the Velcro part hold the acupressure area of the knee,
and you can get a massage effect as if you were rubbing with strong air injection.

Micro Vibration Massage
You can get a gentle massage effect with micro vibration.
19 magnetics
19 ergonomically designed magnetics are manufactured to fit the area
that touches the knee to maximize the massage effect.

Rechargeable wireless use

It is very convenient because it can be used conveniently anytime,
anywhere without a cord connection.

Simple operation

It can be operated easily with a simple button operation method,
and the mode and stage can be checked at a glance through the wide LCD screen.

How to use

Power Button and Vibrate

Press the button to start the massage in the basic mode
(15 minutes, heat 2 stages, intensity 2 stages, vibration on).

You can set the vibration mode ON / OFF by pressing the power button briefly while the power is on.
(The vibration mode is automatically operated in 3 modes.)

Air pressure adjustment button

You can select 3 levels (weak, medium, or strong).
* Press and hold the button to turn off the pneumatic function.

Heat intensity control

You can select 3 levels (weak, medium, or strong).
* Press and hold the button to turn off the heat function.

1.After checking the cushioning,
put the product on the lap and fasten it with a belt.

2. Press the power button for the first time and the massage will start in the default mode.

3. Select the heat / intensity / vibration according to the desired setting.

4.Equipped with smart auto timer, power is automatically cut off after 15 minutes.

** Above 50cm, you may not see the maximum massage effect,
so please purchase it after checking the benefits. **