[Zaol] Synergy Booster Woman 100ml For Exclusive Use Of Female Hair Loss

[Zaol] Synergy Booster Woman 100ml

for exclusive use of female hair loss

Exclusive recipe for female hair loss
Contains only ingredients that are good for women!
- Zanexil: Improves the environment of collapsed scalp,
promotes scalp vitality and strengthens hair self-regeneration
- Zaol In-Depth Protection Complex Protects the scalp and hair from the external environment
Three-stage fermented persimmon, camellia leaf, carob fruit extract improves scalp condition
- Zaol Women Hair Restorantion Complex
Scalp health & hair shine German brewer's yeast extract, hydrolyzed soy protein,
chrysanthemum extract, rice extract, centella asiatica extract, strengthens the scalp firmly, gives shine
- B-Circulation Nozzle Complete nutrition is delivered and absorbed directly to the scalp. After shampooing, simply remove moisture, and the scalp is sticky even if you use it immediately.
After drying, natural hair styling is OK!

[How to use]
Remove moisture appropriately after shampooing
Massage by tapping an appropriate amount on the scalp
Drying the scalp and hair naturally
Even after shampooing every night, even on dry scalp, the effect is doubled if you use it more than 2-3 times a day.
* Do not rinse off!!