[ZAIGLE] Party Cooker Silver Multi-Electric Pot Cook Right At The Table

ZAIGLE Party Cooker

Easy to cook and delicious
Cooking right at the table, multi-electric pot

-Cook right at the table
The cord can be separated, so you can taste it right after cooking at the table.
-Safe movement with a handle
Handle structure that can be easily moved to the desired place when cooking
-Transparent tempered glass lid
Less fear of damage and direct check of food during cooking
-Minimize heat loss
Easy to operate with an electric-saving control dial with automatic temperature control
-Convenient operation
Convenient operation without other heating devices

Party Cooker Specifications
Rated voltage:220~ ,60Hz
Power consumption: 1200w
Product capacity: 3L, rated maximum capacity: 1.7L
Temperature controller specification
Rated voltage:AC 260v/10A