[YUNJAC] Whole Plant Effect Eye Concentrate Mask 20g x6EA (1Box)


Efficacy of outpost concentrate half bottle at once!

Excellent Outpost Efficacy in 15 Minutes

It contains an outpost complex close to half a bottle, and provides not only rich nutrition,
but also the natural power of the skin to provide smooth and firm skin.

One mask contains an outpost complex equivalent to half outpost concentrate

The skin that sleeps and moisturizes with the moisture that builds up inside the skin.
The powerful moisturizing dual action of panthenol and betaine,
which enhances skin moisture retention, makes the skin moist and clear from the inside.

Eroi cotton-fit seat boasts excellent adhesion
Premium hypoallergenic sheets made from natural materials of cotton and eucalyptus lightly
and comfortably adhere to the curved parts of the face to deliver the active ingredients intact.

[How to use]
Use 1-2 times a week.
After fixing the skin texture with toner,
apply a mask to the position of the eyes, and then apply it evenly over the entire face.
After about 15~20 minutes, remove the mask and tap the skin to absorb the essence left over.