[YUNJAC]Whole Plant Effect Eye Concentrate 25ml Infinite Cycle Power of RootStem and Flower

Eye wrinkles, dark circles that look dull,
and eyelid swelling every morning.

Now, try out with a single out of the eye concentrate!

* Wrinkle improvement function, dark circle relaxation,
eye swelling relief human body application evaluation completed

-Healthy eye area balanced from the inside by caring for the root
Outpost complex to correct skin's natural balance
Contains eye care ingredients, arjuna lecithin, inspired by skin mechanisms.
Arjuna Lecithin: A special eye care ingredient that is added to the skin to brighten the eyes by adding lecithin,
oleic acid and arjuna tree extract to help smooth skin texture.

Silky serum texture that makeup is well received
The eye makeup is not pushed by the silky serum formula that is tight and close to the eyes.

[How to use]
It is used at all stages of the cream every morning and evening.
Puff it once with your fingertips and gently apply it to the eye area.