[Yuhan] Elena Premium Multi Female Vaginal UREX Lactobacillus 170mg x 30Capsules

[Yuhan Corporation]
Elena Premium Multi Female Vaginal Lactobacillus
170mg x 30 Capsules

- Contains UREX probiotics, an ingredient that helps women's vaginal health
- Lactobacillus growth and inhibition of harmful bacteria
- Can help women's quality health
- Smooth bowel movement
[For the balance of beneficial bacteria for all women, Elena is recommended.]
- Girls in need of beneficial bacteria
- Girls who need quality health care
- Women of childbearing age preparing for childbirth
- Pregnant and lactating women who are concerned about their health due to hormonal changes before and after childbirth
- Women who are concerned about changes in vaginal environment due to menopause/menopause
- Any woman who wants quality health care

[How to take]
Take once a day, 1 capsule at a time with water.