[Yourb] Heel Callus Remover Keratin Removal Foot Care Scraper

[Features of Product]
  • Ergonomic S-line design that fits in hand grip makes you not slip while using and manage keratin even between toes
  • Made of 100% special glass makes easy removal of foot keratin without skin damage and easy to clean with only water
  • Amazing dual function structure of half "HARD" / half "SOFT" face allows you to use desired face, depending on the keratin condition
  • The hooks helps you store it easy and comfortable any place.
  • Sliicone case absorb shock when falling and protect glass from broken


[About Company]

Company, NUSILICA, is specialized in producing various types of glass in various fields.

The highest quality under thorough inspection and advanced technology makes the company's product unique from others.



Name: Yourb Foot Glass

Brand: Yourb

Origin: South Korea

Material: Special structure glass, silicone

The product is protected by intellectual patent