[Your Peace] Neck and Body Slimming Wireless Massager Ergonomic Design 3D Pinpoint Roller

[Your Peace]
Neck & Body Slimming Massager

Like a hand massage
-Ergonomic design that comfortably wraps around the neck
Neck, shoulders, calves, feet, thighs
-Easy 3D pinpoint roller anytime, anywhere
15mm 3D pinpoint roller most similar to the thickness of a human finger
-Ultraviolet warming heat effective for neck massage
-U-shaped design that covers the neck stably
-Convenient wireless form
-High elasticity band for a stable massage
-10-minute automatic timer

[How to use]

-If you long press the power button, the power indicator turns blue and the product is operated.
-A short press of the power button changes the speed. (Basic/Fast switchable.)
-If the power button is pressed while the product is operating, the LED indicator turns off and the operation stops.
-When the product starts to operate, the thermal mode is activated.