[Young Toys] Secret Juju Star Goddess Constellation Watch

Take pictures, decorate and play games! 
33 functions, shake and rub the clock.

1. Phone : 
I call my Secret Jouju friends.
2. Message
Check messages from Secret Jouju friends according to the time and situation.
3.Camera : You can take pictures.
4. Album
Check saved pictures through shooting or playing games.
5. Find Goddess
Find a goddess with Juju and get 1 star powder for that goddess if you succeed in the mini-game. 5 mini games-3 touch games : Two motion games
6. Goddess Album : You can check hints for goddess finding games.
7. Alarm Alarm can be set.
8. 4 decorating games
9. 4 touch games
10. 4 types of motion games
11. Horoscope game : Check the fortune of the day.
12. Transformation Bank :You can see the transformation video of the goddess.
13. Raising Pets
14. QR code
15. Item Store
16. My Page
17. Setting