[Young Toys]Secret Juju Star Goddess Constellation Watch


Take pictures, decorate and play games!
33 functions, shake and rub the clock.

1. Phone
I call my Secret Jouju friends.
2. Message
Check messages from Secret Jouju friends according to the time and situation.
You can take pictures.
4. Album
Check saved pictures through shooting or playing games.
5. Find Goddess
Find a goddess with Juju and get 1 star powder for that goddess if you succeed in the mini-game.
5 mini games-3 touch games; Two motion games
6. Goddess Album
You can check hints for goddess finding games.
7. Alarm
Alarm can be set.
8. 4 decorating games
9. 4 touch games
10. 4 types of motion games
11. Horoscope game
Check the fortune of the day.
12. Transformation Bank
You can see the transformation video of the goddess.
13. Raising Pets
14.QR code
15. Item Store
16. My Page
17. Setting