Yellow bucket ointment 18g Ointment cream that heals sore wounds/Soothing /moisturizing/Steroid-free

Yellow bucket ointment 18g

Scar treatment wound recovery double eyelid surgery scar ointment
Ointment cream that heals sore wounds
The soft texture melts smoothly and makes the skin moist.
*Skin auxiliary healing aid
* Soothing effect on problem skin
*Formation of skin moisturizing moisture film
* It is a cream type and has excellent feeling of use and application.
It's less shiny or sticky, so it can be used on large areas.
*No fragrance
There is no scent because it does not contain a separate fragrance,
so it is not too difficult to use it in the basic makeup stage.

[How to use]
When used on the entire face
After morning and evening skin care, apply it over the entire face at the cream stage for absorption.
When using topical ointment
Use a cotton swab to pat it to absorb it so that it does not get into your eyes.