[Yejimiin] Purely Mild Feminine Wash 150ml

Purely Mild Feminine Wash 150ml

- 100% natural ingredients
Cottonseed oil, basil, corn, coconut,
and plant extracts clean and non-irritating the Y zone of sensitive women.
- Contains 8 kinds of herbs and fermented plant lactic acid bacteria
8 kinds of natural herbal essential blending: ( Lemon peel oil, Lavender oil, Scented ceranium flower oil, Eucalyptus leaf oil, Rosemary leaf oil, Mexican juniper oil, Lime oil, Chamomile flower oil
- Contains naturally derived surfactants
- Hypoallergenic, pH slightly acidic care
- Chemical fragrance free
- Easy to use foam type

[How to use]
Pump an appropriate amount 2-3 times.
Gently massage the vulva with foam. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.