Wiswell Automatic Electric Juicer WJ400 5 Levels Of Taste Adjustment BPA-free Both-directional Blade

Automatic electric juicer WJ400

*5 levels of taste adjustment
Steps can be adjusted in 1-5 steps, and juice can be juiced to the taste of the whole family
Step 1: suitable for children and the elderly
Step 5: Suitable for those who like chewy taste.
*No blade, safe juicer
Juiced cone made of ABS material, BPA-free, can be used with confidence.
*Both-directional blade, rotating in both directions to juice, less residue in the fruit, more thicker and more juice is possible.
Press once to perform juice, then stop and press again to juice in a different direction.
*Separate washing
It is completely disassembled and can be cleaned easily, making it more safe to use.
*Simple design

Orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice Now enjoy 100% purity at home.

[Simple method of use]
1. Cut the fruit you want to juice in half, and place the cut fruit in half on the juice cone.
2. Press the fruit down to make 100% natural juice.

Rated voltage :220v~ ,60Hz
Power consumption: 30W
Product capacity: 400ml
Product weight: 0.6kg