[WHIA] Portable Nipple Sterilizer UV-C LED Pacifier sterilizer Perfect Sterilization OK in 3Min

Portable Nipple Sterilizer, UV-C LED Pacifier sterilizer

The UV-C LED of Whia "Chucare" completely sterilizes baby products such as baby bottle nipples and newborn toothbrushes

"Chucare"that completely sterilizes everything that touches the mouth
Completely sterilized in just 3 minutes

* UV-C LED, life is about 100,000 hours
* Magnet open button
* Auto OFF function (3 minutes operation)

* USB -5pin charging method
It can be used for 30 days with a single charge (1-2 hours full)

* Various versatility
* Easy to carry
* Sterilization & safety certification

[How to use]
1. Open the lid and place the bite face down and close the lid
2. When the lid is closed, the para light on the bottom turns on and sterilization starts for about 3 minutes
3. Sterilization starts for about 3 minutes and is automatically completed

- Size/Weight: 80x80x90mm/Body: 100g, Strap 4.5g
- Battery Rating: 3.7v/400mAh
- Rated voltage/power consumption: DC 5v/1A
- Sterilization time: 3 minutes (automatic off after operation)