[WHIA ]Portable Baby Bottle Sterilizer UV-C LED Cup Care Perfect sterilization,OK in just 10 minutes

Portable Baby Bottle Sterilizer UV-C LED Cup Care

Perfect sterilization, OK in just 10 minutes!
Sterilize all cup types with UV-C LED.
-Cupcare is a size suitable for regular tumblers and teapots from PET bottle size.
Available in sizes from 20 to 90mm. (Baby bottles, wine glasses, mugs, teapots, tumblers, etc.)
-Automatic OFF function (10 minutes operation)
* When the battery needs to be charged, a red light will appear around the power button.
-Can be used semi-permanently with USB-C type charging method
Can be used 20 times in a row with one charge (1~2 hours full)
Equipped with 400mAh rechargeable battery, can be used semi-permanently
UV-C LED life is about 100,000 hours.
-Strong durability and delicate design
-Various utility
-Easy to carry
-Sterilization & safety certification
-Quick sterilization with a simple one-touch
Touching the power button turns on the power and starts sterilization for 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, it is completely sterilized and turns off automatically.
*To stop the operation during use, press the upper power button again for 1 second.

[How to use]
Simply wash the inside of the tumbler/cup with water.
Empty the inside of the tumbler and put up the UV-C CAP.
Touch the power button on the upper part of the UV-C CAP for 1 second.
Sterilization starts for about 10 minutes and is completed automatically.

Size/Weight: 90x90x44.8mm /50g
Battery Rating:3.7v/400mAh
Rated voltage/power consumption: DC5V/1A
Sterilization method: UV-C LED (2 UV-C LEDs, 1 BLUE LED applied)