Wellness Health Joint Massage Cream 100g x 3EA Massage care Contains emu oil

Wellness Health
Joint Massage Cream 100g (Bucket)

Massage care to relieve tiredness in busy days-Joint cream
*Massage care
*Contains emu oil
*Sports cream
-Quickly absorbs vitality to tired skin
Molecular particles of the cream are quickly absorbed into the skin, giving vitality to tired skin.
-Massage care
It helps to manage the area tired from leisure activities and daily life by frequent massage.
-Contains natural ingredients
It has little burden on the skin and is absorbed naturally, so it can be used safely.
-Smooth texture
You can feel a soft feeling with a silky formulation.
-Aroma massage effect
Vanillyl butyl ether ingredient adds appropriate heat and helps to massage gently.
-4 concentrated ingredients
Emu Oil: Oil extracted from the breast of the rare bird Emu, rich in high-grade unsaturated fatty acids, helps skin moisturize
Ogapi extract: contains acantoside D component, antioxidant effect
Goji berry extract: antioxidant effect, skin moisturizing effect, inhibition of tyrosinase action
Menthol: inflammation relief, anti-inflammatory effect, skin soothing effect
Capsaicin: Vanillyl butyl ether + red pepper fruit extract to improve heat effect!

[Use in this case.]

-Apply before and after exercise and leisure sports like a massage.
-After using your body a lot for work, apply it like a massage.
-After sitting on a desk such as a computer for a long time, apply it like a massage.
-After driving for a long time, apply it as if you are massaging when your body feels stiff.