Wellage Real Hyaluronic Gel Cream 75ml Elasticity Soothing Gel Cream For Tired And Hot Skin


Wellage Real Hyaluronic Gel Cream 75ml

Elasticity soothing gel cream for tired and hot skin

* Centella Asiatica-Skin soothing, moisture supply
*Close moisture supply-Elasticity formulation
* 100% purity-hyaluronic acid identical to human body
*Mild prescription-Hypoallergenic test completed
* Natural blue light formulation
A soothing gel formulation with a high elasticity and elasticity delivers a cool feeling of use and a feeling of moisture.

[How to use]
Used in the skin care cream stage
Take an appropriate amount of the contents, apply gently along the skin texture,
and pat lightly for absorption. Refrigerate to use as a moisture soothing pack or a sleeping pack before bed.
Usage Tip: Apply as an intensive sleep pack by applying thinly several times at the last stage of skin care in the evening.