VT Pro Cica Daily Soothing Mask 350g (30EA) Calming Moisturizing

VT Pro Cica Daily Soothing Mask 350g (30EA)

Soothes tired and delicate skin and strengthens the moisture barrier
*A refreshing soothing care mask that heals irritated skin with non-sticky ampoule essence
*0.2mm thin sheet adheres tightly to curved areas.
*Cicario contains Cica hyaluron with triple hyaluronic acid added to provide moisture to dry and dry skin and to complete comfortable skin.
*Contains 17 kinds of amino acids
Provides fresh moisture and moisturizing feeling to dry skin and helps oil and moisture balancing care to produce healthy and vital skin
*6 types of peptides (rejuvenation care for tired skin)
*Pitot Calming Complex (Soothing Care with Moisture Recharge)
*Matricaria flower extract (completion of moist skin by delivering moisturizing feeling)

[How to use]
After cleansing, the skin is used to prepare the skin texture.
Open the lid, open the plastic protective cap, and take out one piece at a time with mini tweezers.
It adheres to the entire face except around the eyes and mouth and absorbs for 10-15 minutes,
then lightly pat the remaining essence for absorption.