[Voto] Neon Air Purifier APG01 HEPA H13 Filter Deodorization Anion Mood Light

Voto Neon Air Purifier APG01
HEPA H13 Filter Deodorization Anion Mood Light

- Air condition and operation condition at a glance with automatic sensor detection!
With PM2.5 sensor, it is easy to check the air condition and operation condition.
When using the automatic mode, it automatically operates according to the air change
- Acquired Korean domestic KC certification as well as European CE (EMC, LVD) certification!
- No worry about ultrafine dust!
99.95% fine dust removal rate with H13 grade
The true HEPA filter (H13 grade), which has an excellent amount of particles
that can be filtered out compared to general filters, is installed to reliably filter fine dust
-Stable air purifier without worrying about ozone and electromagnetic waves
This product has passed the ozone generation test as well as the electromagnetic wave test suitability evaluation,
so you can use it with confidence
- Effect of Plasma Ion: Plasma ions make a pleasant and clean indoor environment
with the effect of removing harmful viruses, allergens, fungi, and odors
- Neon air purifier does not release radon
Since the negative ions from H2 are plasma-based, radon is not released
- The circular filter makes the air clean area wider and can filter out a larger amount of dust
- Average monthly power consumption of 24 watts
- Quiet, sleep mode 37dB
- Mood light LED On & Off
- Voltage:240v-60Hz
- Product specification :226(W) x 226(D)x 303(H) mm
- Noise: <55dB