Vital Slim Diet All-in-One Day 78g Garcinia, CLA,green tea catechin all contained! Reduce body fat

Vital Slim Diet All-in-One Day 78g

(1200mg x 1 tablet, 500mg x 1 tablet, 900mg x 1 capsule) x 30 packets

Top 3 ingredients to reduce body fat at once!

Garcinia (cut the carbohydrates eaten) 1100mg,
CLA (cut the fat eaten) 1400mg,
green tea catechin (cut the accumulated body fat) 300mg all contained!

* Cut the carbohydrates consumed before they turn into fat!
* Cut before fat intake accumulates in the body!
* Cut body fat accumulated by reckless eating habits!

[It's better for people like this.]
-Those who have a lot of carbohydrate intake
-Those who want a healthy diet without starving
-Those who expect to lose body fat
-Those who want continuous weight management
-People who want to consume various functional ingredients in hanpo
-Those who want a diet product that is easy to carry

[How to take]
Take 1 packet after lunch and 1 packet after dinner.
It can also help men's diet.
Pregnant women and nursing mothers should refrain from ingestion.