Vital Health Dietary Fiber Prune Jelly (30g x 10EA) x 2Box


Vital Health Dietary Fiber Prune Jelly

(30g x 10EA) 

Delicious Habits You Can Change
One bag per day full of dietary fiber!
Dietary Fiber Purune Jelly

Indigestible Maltodextrin / Purune Concentrate / Psyllium shell Dietary Fiber

-Contains 3000mg of dietary fiber per 1 bag (30g)! Meets 12% of the recommended daily amount
-It contains evenly water-soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber.
Contains 17.52% of indigestible maltodextrin, a natural vegetable dietary fiber extracted from corn.
-Prune concentrate commercial
-Additional dietary fiber supplementary ingredient, Psyllium husk to help changing day.

[I made it for these people.]

-Those with severe vegetable pick-up
-Those who rot in the refrigerator while trying to eat vegetables
-Those who enjoy a meat-oriented diet
-Children who hate vegetables
-Those who sit down for a long time
-Those who want to easily fill in insufficient dietary fiber

[How to take]
You can take one bag per day without a set time.
Anyone of all ages can consume it.
However, if you are pregnant or are preparing to become pregnant,
we recommend consulting a doctor or a specialist for more accurate answers.
Please be careful when taking it by children and the elderly.