[Violeds] VSM+ Mini Portable UV Sterilizer 99.9% Sterilization Triple Safety-Timer,Light /UV Sensor

Violeds VSM+ Mini UV Sterilizer
99.9% Sterilization

-Sterilize without noise for daily life items such as masks,
smartphones, baby products, and glasses
- Biorez technology applied to the multi-purpose sterilizer VSM+ has proven to eradicate 99.9% of harmful bacteria
- Zero chemical substances such as mercury, ions and heavy metals
- Easy to use with one-touch button method
- Can be sterilized anytime, anywhere by USB charging
It can be used about 5 times (based on 7 minutes sterilization)
after fully charged, and can be used while charging
- The world's only triple safety device (timer, light sensor, UV sensor)
- A UV light sensor that can check whether the most suitable wavelength for sterilization comes out is included (refer to the manual)
- The sensor is for testing before use and is not necessary when sterilizing
- When sterilization starts, the remaining time is displayed in percent
- Voice notification (The end of charging and sterilization is announced by voice)

[How to use]
- Charge VSM+. It can be used about 5 times (based on 7 minutes sterilization) after
fully charged with USB charging method. Can be used while charging
- Open the top of the VSM+ body and put the object to be sterilized
- Close the top of the body and touch the upper button to turn on the power
- Whenever you touch the button, you can adjust the sterilization time to 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes
- If you touch it again after setting for 7 minutes, the power turns off
- The start and end of sterilization are guided by voice,
and the remaining sterilization time is calculated and displayed as a percentage on the button When it reaches 0, the sterilization ends
- If you use the enclosed UV light sound sensor, you can check with sound whether sterilization is progressing well
The enclosed sensor is for testing before use and is not required during sterilization
- When sterilization is completed, the power is automatically turned off
- Power consumption: 1.6w
- Charging terminal: Micro 5pin
- Charging voltage: 5vdc