[Violeds] VAC Sterilization Mini Air Purifier Clean Sterilization And Deodorization At The Same Time

Violeds VAC sterilization mini air purifier

H13 HEPA filter purifier with UV-C LED sterilization power

* Applied certification technology to eradicate 99.9% virus
* Equipped with an H13 class filter that filters even ultra-fine dust
* Harmless to human body with LED clean technology
Used for purifying and sterilizing water and air surfaces
* Zero mercury and ionic heavy metal chemicals!
* Removal of daily odors such as food and toilet odors
* USB charging method, can be used anytime, anywhere with only auxiliary battery
* One-button operation & low noise (37dB) design

[How to use]
Remove the bottom cover and turn the divider cover to open and remove the top cover.
Lightly lower the top cover so that you can see the filter inlet, insert the filter,
put the top cover back to its original state, and turn it to the right to Close.
It makes a'click' sound. Reassemble the bottom cover, connect the USB port to the storage device, and press the upper power button.

- Press the power button once to adjust the air volume with weak wind,
press twice to medium wind, and strong wind when pressing 3 times

- Press 4 times to turn off the power.
- Sterilization Technology: Violeds +HEPA (with Carbon)
- Power consumption: 4.5w
- Charging terminal: Micro 5Pin
- Charging voltage: 5Vdc