[Vicle] Ceramide in Aurora Essence Mist 130ml Makeup Fixer

Ceramide Inn Aurora Essence Mist 130ml

Essence mist with moisturizing five ceramide essence

Easy to carry and expresses natural radiant skin

Contains large amounts of ingredients effective for skin barrier

1.CERA-5 + Cholesterol-Strengthening Moisturizing Barrier

2.Phytosphingosine + Panthenol
- Ceramide Accelerator

Complete healthy skin by blocking external harmful substances and moisture evaporation!

3. Brilliance Fixer-Aurora Light Essence

Makeup Fixer can be substituted

Five kinds of ceramide essences are stabilized in mist without artificial pearls to realize aurora visuals,
so it adheres quickly to the skin and enhances makeup lasting time

Recommended for such a person

* The skin is easily sensitive to the environment

* Even after applying cosmetics, the skin is dry
* Water balance is not balanced
* Skin is rough and lifeless
* Make-up collapses easily
* Skin wounds do not heal well