Varihope Biotics Vital Eye Cream 20ml

Varihope Biotics Vital Eye Cream 20ml

Eye area customized elasticity care solution
Intensive anti-aging eye cream
The elasticity booster recipe containing concentrated fermented ingredients intensively cares for sensitive and thin eye areas,
making them firm and lively.
*Contains fermented biotics (5.9%) 59.190ppm
Bifida fermentation lysate, Lactobacillus fermented product,
Lactococcus fermentation lysate, Bifida fermentation filtrate, Streptococcus thermophilus fermented product
Concentrated cream formula provides intensive care for thin and dry skin around the eyes, making them bright and resilient.
- Quadruple eye wrinkle improvement (number, facet, length, depth)
-Guidelines for skin around the eyes, volume improvement

- Decreased nasolabial fold depth
-Decreased elasticity
-Improve facial lifting,
-Improve skin density,
-Improve skin moisture
*Applicator to soothe tired eyes
The built-in metal applicator touches the skin around the eyes and provides a cooling massage effect to make the skin lively.

[Recommended for these people.]
- Those who are concerned about deepening wrinkles around the eyes
- Those who are looking for an eye cream that can be used safely
- Those who need dry eye care
- Those who want to have strong skin

[How to use]
At the last step of skin care,
dispense an appropriate amount and gently massage along the eye area for absorption.