V1 Premium Facial V line management square jaw self face asymmetry improvement elasticity unisex

V1 Premium

A patented product that makes the face smaller, improves asymmetry,
and induces V-line contours by pressing asymmetry of the jawbone, cheekbones, and skin lamina.

-The frame using elasticity, it does not cause excessive stress on the face.

-Pressing plate that adheres naturally:
The pressurizing plate that can be adjusted to the touch always provides constant and accurate pressing force regardless of facial curves.

-Pulling band to prevent forward tilt

The pulling band prevents the head from flowing down and pulls the facial muscles and skin,
thus preventing nasolabial folds that can be caused by wearing the head.

It helps you to wear comfortable while doing your usual activities.

-Inner band to protect the repair

There is an inner band that protects the crown inside the frame to prevent pain in the crown caused by the frame.

-6 levels of custom adjustment

The height of the pressurization plate can be adjusted up to 6 steps,
allowing you to selectively wear from small to large faces regardless of male/female
(regardless of the strength of the pressurization plate).

[How to wear]
-Before wearing, insert the pull band on both sides of the pull band hanger on the back of the product,
and the chin band on the chin is also put on the pull band hanger.
(It is recommended to wear the chin band after initial adaptation.

-To match the length of the face, push the side adjustment devices so that the R/L pressure plate is parallel.
-Hold the pressure plate R/L direction in both hands, spread the product according to the size of the face,
and place the pull band on the back of the head,
and place the upper part of the pressure plate on the cheekbones and the lower part on the ear chin.

* Make sure that the narrow side of the pressure plate is on the top and the wide side is on the bottom.
Adjust the angle of both platens to about 40~50, and hold the middle part of the platen with the middle finger.

* Tighten the pull band to prevent nasolabial folds from occurring,
and the part that touches the head is fixed to the crown so that it does not flow down.

* The initial adaptation period is recommended for about 30-40 minutes.
After the adaptation period, increase the time by about 10 to 20 minutes so that it is not excessive.
* It is recommended to wear 60~150 minutes per day.
Recommended for about 60 minutes per time, recommended to wear 1 to 3 times a day.
Too long wearing time does not help smooth blood circulation!
** If you feel uncomfortable when wearing it, do not remove it, lift the pressure plate on the uncomfortable area,
or open both faces for a while and use it as it was.