[V-Line] Face Mask for V-Line Chin Lifting

[Features of Product]
  • V-Line FACE MASK IS DESIGNED ERGONOMICALLY for perfect fit and comfortable fit. Double-sided knit fabric structure of Bio Neoprene is excellent in texture and elasticity.
  • THIS PRODUCT IS BEING EXPORTED OVER 8 COUNTRIES; Taiwan, UAE, China, Canada, Ukraine, Tailand, USA, and Hong Kong with great customer feed back.
  • LAUNCHED WITH TWO DIFFERENT COLORS: Beige and Black. These are most popular colors in South Korea. It is a reliable product sold in many plastic surgeries in Korea
  • DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY AND TAKE HIGH RISK FOR YOUR V-LINE CHIN. This simple but functional product will lead you to have beautiful face in safe!
  • IF YOU LOOKING FOR GIFT FOR YOUR LOVER, this is perfect product. Grab one and make wonderful face!


Product Name: V-Line Beautiful Face Mask

Origin: South Korea

Ingredient: 100% Bio Neoprene with double sided knit fabric structure

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