[V:habit Vzyme] Grain Fermentation Enzyme Activity Powder (3g x 30 sachets)

[V:habit Vzyme]
Grain Fermentation Enzyme
(3g x 30 sachets)

* Nutrition content is enhanced by using Korean domestic grains.
- Contains 1500mg of Korean brown rice, soybean, barley, and grain enzyme-containing powder (VH-Foodzyme B) containing fermented sorghum.
* Enzyme titer total 151,500 units per bag
* Contains 7 types of digestive enzymes and 9 types of lactic acid bacteria
- 7 kinds of digestive enzymes
Plant protease, amylase, glucoamalase, protease, lipase, invertase
* 17 kinds of carefully selected auxiliary ingredients
Lemon, tea leaf, pineapple, fresh herb, carrot, black currant, cabbage, kale, broccoli, vitamin, spinach, bok choy, chicory, water parsley, mugwort, beet

[How to take]
Chew 1 sachet 1 to 2 times a day, or take it with water.