[YuFit] V-Care Face Chin Cheek Lifting Up Belt Band for Slim Shape, Red Color



[Features of Product]

  • Hygienic with special silicone material used in bottom part is semi-permanent and contains tourmaline.
  • Not only face line but also useful for neck care and it is more effective with complex system, making three dimensional face management is possible
  • Continued from 2006 to the present, this product has been loved in the Korea and overseas market. This is newly launched version mask.
  • Heat-resistant temperate from minus 40 to 250 degree has been tested. Disinfect hot water for 3 minutes in 100 degree boiling water if you disinfect, you can use it hygienically.
  • The effect of LED light penetrates the skin deeply once again, helping to improve the skin


[Product Component]

1. V-Care Lifting Band(Belt) / Red color

- It is ergonomically designed for perfect fit on face and upgraded to ultra- strong lifting band. Velcro size is increased for tight and close feeling up.

2. LED Vibration Romote Controller

- The effect of LED light penetrates the skin deeply once again helping to improve the skin.Vibration gives you feelings of self massage and relieves stiff skin for better effect.


[How to Use]
1. Adjust the Velcro size fit to your face size

2. Connect the remote controller into the desired hole  in the mask. Or you can use the lifting belt itself.

3. After use, you can separate the remote controller from silicone belt and wash the band.


[Who Needs It?]

1. Who worry about the cost for making face V-line

2. Who has angled chin because of eating hard food

3. Who is suffering from round face or stubborn balls

4. Who does not good self pictured image because of face shape

5. Who needs skin elasticity improvement