From B ultra-mini speaker My Melody Bluetooth speaker BA 001

From B ultra-mini speaker
'My Melody' Bluetooth speaker

*Bluetooth 4.2
*Newtro design
*USB charging-Charging time is about 2~3 hours with a 5pin charging cable,
and can be used for up to 9 hours in a low-power, high-efficiency method of 950mAh capacity.
*Hands-free-Wirelessly control up to 5m in all directions after pairing with a smart device.
*Up to 9 hours
*Hand strap
* Simple operation with one button
Turning the switch clockwise turns the power on, turning it in the opposite direction turns the power off.
Volume Control: Turn the switch clockwise while the power is on to adjust the volume.

[Indicator Guide]

-During Bluetooth pairing, the blue indicator flashes every 0.5 seconds.
When pairing is complete, it stays blue.
-During music playback, the blue light flashes every second.
-The red light turns on when charging, and the light turns off automatically when fully charged.
Rated voltage: 5v
Rated power:3w