UVC-LED Cosmetic Puff Sterilizer 99.9% sterilization in 3 minutes


UVC-LED Cosmetic Puff Sterilizer

Various puff sterilization / rechargeable / 99.9% sterilization / UVC-LED
Portable puff sterilizer that is easy to carry, store and use

Even if cosmetic puffs are used once, dead skin cells, oil, sweat, etc. remain on the face,
causing bacterial growth, and harmful bacteria in the puff cause skin problems.

Hygienic skin care, start with puff sterilization!

-Regular puff, large puff, high puff, any size puff are OK!
General size puffs can be easily stored, and large and high size puffs
can be stored and sterilized by removing the top tray.
-99.9% sterilization in 3 minutes
-Eco-friendly material UVC-LED
It shows 99.9% sterilization effect by destroying bacterial DNA with light of 265~280nm wavelength.
LED lifetime-20,000 hours
-200 times sterilization with one charge! (Full time 3 hours)
530mAh large capacity battery
USB 5Pin charging, (cable not included)
When used three times a day, it can be used for two months.
-Practical internal attachment mirror
There is no need to carry a separate mirror.
-In addition to cosmetic puffs, sterilization of simple makeup tools and small accessories is also possible.
Rated voltage:DC5V,3.7V
* When charging, do not use a micro 5-pin cable with too short front part!
* Wash puffs often before use.