UUU Portable Toothbrush UVC LED Sterilizer 99.9% Eradication Of Bacteria Sterilization Every 3 Hours

UUU Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer

99.9% eradication of bacteria that multiply again by repeated sterilization every 3 hours
99.9% perfect sterilization in 90 seconds with UVC-LED, more powerful than sunlight
Safer ozone free!
UVC LED is safe because ozone is not emitted.
With a standing design, natural drying time is shortened with a fast natural relief,
clean management, and an optimal angle of dripping to minimize bacterial growth.

Convenient USB charging, can be used for one week when charging once. It takes 2-3 hours when fully charged.
Easy cleaning-Convenient cleaning with detachable drip tray.
Elastic silicone material for clean cleaning.

[How to use]
-Open the lid to the side, shake off the toothbrush and insert it into the toothbrush holder so that the bristles face the UVC LED.
It works as soon as the lid is closed, sterilizes for 90 seconds and turns off.
When it is operated, it automatically sterilizes a total of 24 times (3 days) every 3 hours.
* When the lid is opened and closed again, it is initialized and starts again with sterilization.