Utobalan Family Guaranteed 10 Billion Syn-Biotics Lactobacillus 2g x 30EA

Family Syn-Biotics Lactobacillus

2g x30EA

-Neobiotics lactobacillus that can be eaten by the whole family of mothers and fathers,
including children and pregnant women.
-Triple formulation
Probiotics + Vitamin D + Zinc
-Probiotics input bacteria count 100 billion, guaranteed bacteria count 10 billion CFU
-Lactobacillus stored at room temperature
-With SP composite coating, it reaches the intestine alive.
-5 free
No addition of magnesium stearate, HPMC,
synthetic fragrance, coloring agent, sweetener

[How to take]
Once a day, once a time, take 1 packet directly or with water.