Unove Heating Guard No Wash Treatment 147ml

Heating Guard No Wash Treatment 147ml

200℃ Heat Care Hair Pack
A no-wash type that quickly absorbs nutrients into the hair, providing light, non-sticky care.
*Contains 10,000ppm of keratin-PF, which is effective in supplying hair protein
*36 ingredients to fill from the inside out
31 kinds of protein and amino acid ingredients provide abundant nutrition to the hair,
and 5 kinds of plant-derived golden oil ingredients add a smooth and shiny feeling.

[Recommended for such people.]

- Those who constantly bleach and dye
- Those who are looking for damaged hair care products
- Owners of hair damaged by heat with a hair dryer or iron
- Those who are looking for a treatment that is not sticky

[How to use]

After shampooing, lightly dry the hair, spread it around the ends of the hair,
and dry it with a hair dryer to complete soft hair.
After using Heating Guard No Wash Treatment,
dry hair completely and use a hot air balloon to provide nutrition and hair protection.