UL·OS All-in-One Skin Lotion For oily and combination skin 200ml x 2EA


UL·OS All-in-One Skin Lotion For Oil Combination Skin 200ml

It soaks in quickly and stays moist all day long.
*AMP Power Moisturizing: Skin conditioning APM's power moisturizer manages your skin smoothly
* 9 herbal extracts: Soothes male skin damaged by shaving and external irritation.
*Skin irritation test completed: No ingredients harmful to skin health! No parabens (6 types),
no artificial fragrance, no artificial color, less irritation
A water type suitable for oily and combination skin that holds oil and fills with moisture
Colorless, transparent, non-sticky water type that holds oil and fills moisture.
How to use: Apply an appropriate amount after shaving, cleansing or showering.