[UDEA] Desk Care Sterilizer CleanBox UCB-100/300 99.9% sterilization with UV-C,UV-A deodorization

Cleanbox UCB-100 /300
Dual-UV Desk Care Sterilizer

Easy keyboard sterilization 99.9%
99.9% sterilization with UV-C! Even UV-A deodorization!
DUAL-UV- LED support Yudia Clean Box!
* One-click and 15 minutes sterilization
* Turtle neck syndrome / posture correction
* Safety with Safety -Off function, UV-LED is automatically turned off when the door is opened!
* Supports 3 USB 3.1 PORTs (Only for UCB-300 model.)
* Earphone, microphone 3.5mm port support (Only for UCB-300 model.)
Convenient use by connecting headphones, earphones, and speakers to the Yudia Clean Box.
* The top plate of the Yudia Clean Box made of Aluminum Alloy, the sturdiness and stability that can withstand up to 20kg!
85mm height for the right posture!

* Can be installed freely wherever there is an outlet!
USB-HUB separated from the power adapter provides a stable environment for use!

* Extension support for large monitor users (sold separately)
For large monitor users, you can purchase an extension support that can extend the top plate by 4cm.
The vertical width of the top plate of the Yudia Clean Box body is 20cm.