Twosome Yogurt Powder 800g Make Yogurt Smoothie/ Milk/ Ice Cream /Desserts

Yogurt Powder 800g

Contains 70% xylose sugar (6.5% D-xylose), 5% yogurt powder.
You can easily enjoy authentic European-style desserts.
You can use a variety of ingredients to make yogurt desserts in the style you want.
When making yogurt ice cream,
you can eat it more deliciously if you eat it with a topping of refrigerated fruit for about an hour before freezing.

[How to enjoy it deliciously]

- Yogurt Milk
Prepare 1.5 spoons (30g) of powder and 200ml of milk.
Put it in a shaker and shake it for 10 seconds to complete the super easy yogurt drink!
- Yogurt Smoothie
Prepare 3 spoons of powder (60g), 100ml of milk, and 15 ice cubes (150g).
Put it in a blender and mix for 15-20 seconds to complete a refreshing yogurt smoothie!
- Yogurt Ice Cream
Prepare 3 spoons (60g) to 3.5 spoons (70g) of powder and 200ml of milk.
(powder :milk = 1:3)
Put in a blender, mix for 1-2 minutes, and freeze.