TS GD Youth/Adolescent Student Shampoo 400ml Fruity Scented Scalp/Dandruff Head Smell Care

TS GD Youth/Adolescent Student Shampoo 400ml

Youth shampoo for middle school and high school students
- Refreshing fruity scent, allergen-free for your scalp
-Free of 5 worrying ingredients
Silicone, artificial color, SLS, SLES, mineral oil free
-Completed clinical trial to alleviate scalp itchiness due to scalp dandruff and dryness
- Rich and soft foam with plant-derived surfactant
- Contains 11 kinds of plant extracts tailored to teenagers
-Contains patented ingredients for scalp health
-Skin stability (hypoallergenic) test completed

[How to use]
Wet the hair and scalp sufficiently with lukewarm water,
take an appropriate amount, massage evenly on the scalp, and rinse thoroughly.