[Troiareuke] Aesthetic BB Cream A/H SPF30/40 PA+++ 15ml(g)

Aesthetic BB Cream A/H  15ml(g)
Regeneration, cover at once
Skin care regeneration BB that helps skin breathe
UV protection/whitening/wrinkle function

* Aesthetic BB A SPF30 PA+++

Recommended skin: Oily/Sensitive/Combined (Summer)
Skin type to avoid: For dry/very dry, it is recommended to apply after mixing with Troiareuke laser cream, or with sufficient basic skin care.
A BB with a high adhesion that keeps the inside moist and the outside smooth, and thinks both cover and calm at the same time.
Smooth texture that adheres gently / cooling herb scent
Balances oil and moisture and helps skin soothing (Sefi Control A5/Moist Kam extract/Tea tree leaf extract)

Asthetic BB H SPF 40 PA++
Recommended skin: dry/aging/combination (winter)
Skin type to avoid: For bad oily skin that quickly removes makeup, it is recommended to use asthetic BB A or layer it over and reapply.
A moist BB that expresses both a natural cover and water shine with a rich moisturizing effect that absorbs moisture.
Moist texture that spreads smoothly / Natural scent that spreads smoothly
Revitalizes vitality by filling the yeoyang with abundant moisturizing (Mexican tooth seed extract/panthenol/ centella extract)

[Order of use]
Cleansing->Toner-> Ampoule/Essence/Serum->Cream->Sunscreen->Asthetic BB A/H