Tree Hut Body Scrub Charcoal Black 510g

Tree Hut Body Scrub Charcoal Black 510g

Clean dead skin care with charcoal black with a cool charcoal scent
*Real sugar (unrefined raw sugar) for hypoallergenic keratin care!
*Smooth skin with shea butter and avocado oil
* It is not separated from the oil layer, so it is not necessary to mix it easily!

[How to use]
After using the body wash, take an appropriate amount of scrub and rub gently as if massaging the whole body.
If you want to gently exfoliate, dissolve the shoemaker in water and use it.
After scrubbing, rinse off with clear lukewarm water.
* Adjust the amount and frequency of use of the scrub according to the skin condition.
* 1-2 times a week is appropriate.