TREBIEN Premium Electric Wine Opener DM-612B

TREBIEN Premium Electric Wine Opener DM-612B

Easy cork removal with one button!
It also comes with a foil cutter that easily removes the foil from the wine and a pump stopper to help keep the remaining wine.
-Two buttons, one finger is enough.
-Easy to use with 4 A4 batteries.
-Transparent design allows you to check directly with your eyes.
-Light function equipped
When the button is pushed up and down, a bright blue light comes in, making it more convenient to use.

[How to use]

-Remove the cork First, remove the foil using a foil cutter.
-Hold the opener with one hand and keep it vertical to the top of the bottle.
Never forcefully press the opener and hold the bottle with a little force.
-Press the button at the bottom, hold down the switch while the screw is working.
-When the cork is completely removed, the screw will automatically stop working.
-When the operation stops, remove the opener from the bottle and
press the button on the top of the opener to automatically pull out the wine cork.