Treatroom Hair For Fixer 50ml x 1/2EA Bangs/Fine Hair/Volume Fix Strong Styling Setting


Treatroom Hair For Fixer 50ml 

-Strong styling setting that lasts for a long time
-Bangs that won't work even in sweaty summer
-Conditioner effect considering hair health
Hydrolyzed protein (corn protein, potato protein, soy protein, rice protein) ingredients help hair health.
-Scalp trouble prevention hypoallergenic test completed
-Immediately reduce oiliness to keep soft and volume
-Starting with the refreshing citrus fruit scent, the soft floral scent and musk scent are harmoniously combined.

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who are worried about the bangs
-Those whose hair gets rash in humid weather
-Those with drooping hair that needs volume
-Those who want to fix styling without stickiness
-Those who were uncomfortable with lumpy and hard spray

[How to use]
Use a grouper or a curling iron to create the desired hair styling,
about 15cm away from the area where styling needs to be fixed, and sprinkle it on the hair.
(Be careful not to get into your eyes.)
* Wave Firm Fixation-After wave styling, richer curls are completed
*When neat direction is needed, fix fine hair.
*Side hair down-Tidy up the loose side hair.