[Tosowoong] Heating Gel Pore Brush


[Features of Product]

  • THIS HEATING GEL PORE  BRUSH works great to remover sebum, blackhead, whitehead, aged corneous in easy way.
  • HEATING GET DOES NOT COME OUT FOR YOUR FIRST TIME USE because it is vacuum charging type. If id does, keep trying pumping 20~30 times or gently press for 5~10 seconds. 
  • PERFECT CHOICE FOR THOSE who are worried about blackhead and excess sebum, wide pores, dry skin with excess corneous. 
  • WELL MADE SHAPE GIVES YOU COMFORTABLE GRIP FEELING and it can be cleaned and used hygienically with the waterproof function


Product Name: Heating Gel Pore Brush

Origin: South Korea

Brand: Tosowoong

Features: Available for all skin type