TOSOWOONG Blackhead All Kill Peel Off Pack 50g nose sebum removal/whitehead/nose pore management

TOSOWOONG Blackhead All Kill Peel Off Pack 50g

Blackhead/nose sebum removal/whitehead/nose pore management
Charcoal powder ingredient removes hidden wastes for smooth skin care
Easy skin care that is peeled off at once without having to wash it off
-Tight all-kill peel-off pack
It adheres tightly to the skin and is removed neatly at once.
-Organize skin waste
The charcoal powder ingredient cleans up skin waste and manages it for smooth skin.
-Soft gel formulation
With a soft gel formulation, it adheres to the curved skin and manages hidden waste.
-Contains natural ingredients
It can be used with confidence because it contains natural ingredients.

[How to use]

After cleansing the skin with a toner,
take an appropriate amount of the product
and apply it evenly over the entire face or part of the face except around the eyes and mouth.
After about 20-30 minutes, peel it off from the bottom when it is completely dry.
After removing the pack, finish with skin and lotion.