[Too cool for school] Egg Ssential Fluid 200ml Moisturizing layering of cream and water

[Too cool for school]
Egg Ssential Fluid 200ml

*Moisturizing layering of cream and water
Provides nutrients from egg protein water to firmly care for the skin
Egg butter extract creates a moist and shiny moisturizing film!
Albumin, egg yolk extract, hydrolyzed egg protein-nutrition supply/moisturizing care
Shea butter-skin protection / moisturizing / radiating
Niacinamide, Adenosine-Whitening, anti-wrinkle function
* Microfluidic microfluidic method
Dividing the moisturizing ingredient into finely and improving the absorption power of the ingredient

[How to use]
*Complete skin care with one toner
The hassle of 7 skin methods for moisturizing is completed by layering with water & butter to moisturize 3 skins!
When using as a moisturizing toner, tap an appropriate amount in the first step after cleansing to let it absorb.
When using as an all-in-one, layering 3-4 times after cleansing improves skin tension
and provides a feeling of moisture from the inside as if finished with a cream.