Tok Tok Basil Seed Original 100% Sticks 5g x 60EA/100EA Calorie Down Saturation UP


Original 100% Basil seed Stick

5g x 60EA / 100EA  
(Satisfaction is Up! hunger is Down!)

A feeling of satiety that is pleasing to eat a little!
Easy carrying stick type! Feel the simple feeling of satiety.
-Indian premium basil seed
-Completed determination of conformity through 7 steps of treatment process
-It is a disposable individual packaging and is hygienic.
-Basil seed is full of various nutrients.
Vitamins, minerals, omega 3, omega 6, dietary fiber, protein, and a variety of ingredients that evenly contain,
you can eat healthy without the burden of calories.
-Basil seed is a grain with excellent hydrophilicity, and when it meets water,
its volume expands to about 30 times, so you can feel full even if you eat a little.

Take it 1 to 3 times a day with enough water.

[How to take]

-With a drink!
When drinking mineral water or beverages, sprinkle lightly and enjoy. You can feel Boyeon's basil scent richly.
-With yogurt!
If you sprinkle it over yogurt or soy milk, you can eat it more easily and add the flavor of basil.
After you finish eating, take enough water supplements.
-With salad!
Just sprinkle the delicious salad weir solsol basil seed on it to add texture and increase satiety.
-With sweets!
When you eat sweets, try it with basil. The color that stimulates the appetite is a bonus!
Even snacks can be a good meal.

[Recommended for these people.]

-When you have a hard time feeling hungry during diet management
-When you want to feel comfortable and full
-When you want to take care of your health while managing your diet