[Toas] Renewal Cream 100g Multipeptide Moisture Cream


Toas Renewal Cream 100g
Multipeptide Moisture Cream

Toa's Facial Cream - A moisture barrier cream that soothes sensitive skin with freshness and clarity

-Skin protection effect: 
Ceramide and sunflower oil create a strong moisturizing film on the skin
-Sensitive skin soothing: 
Healing of skin that has become sensitive from the
external environment through skin soothing with bottle grass and allantoin ingredients
-Contains multi-peptide: 
5 peptide ingredients with Toas' unique recipe for clear and elastic skin
Real moisturizing cream with only good ingredients for dry skin for 24 hours
-Soft, clean formulation Ceramide ingredient helps protect skin.

[How to use]

Apply an appropriate amount at the end of skin care.
Gently spread over the entire face, gently absorbing and absorbing the skin.
It is recommended that you feel dry even after applying it first, or apply it over the irritated skin several times.